Unique Initiative

1.   Empowered Autonomy

Maharashtra has taken a unique initiative to promote autonomy and excellence in higher education by empowering autonomous Colleges. Through Empowered Autonomy, autonomous colleges are granted the authority to award joint degrees in collaboration with universities. This initiative is in accordance with the Maharashtra Public Universities Act, 2016 (Mah. Act No. VI of 2017), and the Government of Maharashtra has issued uniform Statutes in May 2023, which outline the norms, procedures, and criteria for the grant and continuation of the empowered autonomous status. These statutes also establish the authorities, bodies, powers, and functions of the empowered autonomous colleges.To learn more about the detailed guidelines and regulations, please visit the following link:

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Empowered Autonomy

2.   Empowered Autonomus Cluster Institutions

In our pursuit of fostering autonomy and excellence in higher education, the Government of Maharashtra has introduced another significant initiative called Empowered Autonomus Cluster Institutions. This program aims to empower autonomous colleges and facilitate their collaboration through clustering. By clustering autonomous colleges, we encourage resource sharing, the exchange of best practices, and enhanced cooperation among institutions. The uniform Statutes issued by the Government in May 2023 provide comprehensive guidelines on the norms, procedures, and criteria for the grant and continuation of the empowered autonomous cluster status. These statutes also establish the authorities, bodies, powers, and functions of the empowered autonomous cluster institutions.To gain more insights into the guidelines and regulations governing empowered autonomous colleges clustering, please visit the following link:

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Empowered Autonomus Cluster Institutions

3.   Clustering of Colleges

In addition to empowering autonomous colleges, Maharashtra has taken further steps to cluster non-autonomous colleges as well. The clustering of colleges aims to promote collaboration, cooperation, and overall improvement in higher education. By clustering colleges, we facilitate the sharing of resources, expertise, and best practices, leading to enhanced infrastructure and optimized resource utilization. Our goal is to create a vibrant educational ecosystem that fosters academic excellence, research, and the holistic development of students. In the initial phase, the Government of Maharashtra has decided to establish clusters comprising government colleges in Aurangabad, Amravati, and Nagpur districts. These strategic clusters are expected to have a substantial impact on higher education by enhancing the overall quality of education, promoting multidisciplinary learning, and providing students with improved prospects for academic and personal growth.We are excited about the potential of these college clusters and their contribution to the advancement of education in Maharashtra.

Identified Government Colleges for Clustering at Aurangabad, Amravati, and Nagpur : The government colleges identified for clustering are as follows: Aurangabad : (Cluster of 8 Colleges)
1. Government Institute of Forensic Science, Aurangabad
2. Government Institute of Science, Aurangabad
3. Government College of Arts and Science, Aurangabad
4. Government B. Ed. College, Aurangabad
5. Government College of Art and Design, Aurangabad
6. Government Engineering College, Aurangabad
7. Government Pharmacy College, Aurangabad
8. Government Polytechnic College, Aurangabad

Amravati : (Cluster of 3 Colleges)
1. Government College of Engineering, Amravati
2. Government College of Pharmacy, Amravati
3. Government Vidarbha Institute of Science and Humanities, Amravati

Nagpur : (Cluster of 7 Colleges)
1. Govt. Institute of Science, Nagpur
2. Vasantrao Naik Govt. Institute of Arts and Social Sciences, Nagpur
3. Govt. Institute of Forensic Science, Nagpur
4. Govt. College of Engineering, Nagpur
5. Govt. College of Art, and Design, Nagpur
6. Government Polytechnic College, Nagpur
7. Government Hotel Management and Catering Technology College, Nagpur

4.   Cluster University

Under RUSA, Maharashtra three cluster universities were established that brought together multiple colleges under a single administrative and academic framework. Building upon this success, the Department of Higher Education has taken forward this initiative to promote further advancements in higher education. The Cluster University Initiative aims to foster interdisciplinarity & multidisciplinary education, research collaboration, and diverse educational opportunities for students. This initiative not only enhances the quality of higher education but also provides a conducive environment for holistic student development. To facilitate the establishment of cluster universities, the Department of Higher Education has issued draft guidelines. These guidelines have been developed based on an analysis of RUSA 2.0 guidelines and the valuable insights gained from the implementation of the initial three cluster universities in Maharashtra. The objective is to establish cluster universities that promote multidisciplinarity, collaboration, and innovation in the academic landscape. Under the draft guidelines, eligible high-performing colleges are encouraged to come together under eminent trust/society/Santha to pool their resources and strengths. The Department of Higher Education is currently seeking wider stakeholder consultation and welcomes comments, feedback, and suggestions on the draft guidelines by June 30, 2023. This state-level initiative aims to bring transformative reforms in academics, administration, and governance while reducing the burden on affiliating universities. Cluster universities have the flexibility to focus on promoting innovation in teaching and learning processes, as well as developing interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies. By fostering collaboration and expansion, these universities harness the potential of educational institutions in Maharashtra and improve the quality of education. Cluster University initiative will create an ecosystem of collaboration, innovation, and academic excellence that empowers students and drives progress in our state.

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Draft guidelines for Cluster University