State Level Workshop for Library Grant Management System 2023
Akhil Bhartiya
Shiksha Samagam 2023
NEP par
Charcha 2023

Brainstorming Session
on NEP 2023
Workshop on Higher Education Excellence for
State Public Non Agriculture Universities 2023
Dept. of Higher & Technical Education in Global
Fintech Fest at Jio Convention Centre 2023

Maharashtra - UK Higher
Education Conference 2023
Workshop for Autonomous Colleges
on 'आपले प्रश्न आपले विज्ञान' for Mumbai Region
Workshop for Autonomous Colleges
on 'आपले प्रश्न आपले विज्ञान' for Pune Region

Faculty Training Workshop - Aaple Prashna,
Aaple Vidynyan (APAV) at Birla College
for Mumbai Region - 20 Dec 2023
Faculty Training Workshop - Aaple Prashna
Aple Vidynyan At Gokhale Institute of Politics
And Economics for Pune Region - 16 Jan 2024
Meeting on Implementation of Apprenticeship
Embedded Degree Programs

Joint Research P'ship between Dept. of Higher
and Technical Education, Govt of Maharashtra
and University of Birmingham on AI
Collaboration with Centre for Research in Schemes and Policies (CRISP) on
Apprenticeship Embedded Degree
Program (AEDP)
Collaboration with National Skill Development
Corporation (NSDC) and TeamLeasc EdTech for
Women's Leadership and Development Program (WLDP)