Department Collaboration

1.   Collaboration with Infosys and Nasscom

Skilling Programs for Students with Industry leaders
Maharashtra recognizes the importance of equipping students with the skills needed to succeed in today's dynamic job market. In line with the National Education Policy (NEP), 2020 the state government is committed to enhancing the employability and entrepreneurial capabilities of students through various skill development initiatives. To achieve this, Maharashtra has established strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Infosys and NASSCOM.
1. Through our partnership with Infosys, students in Maharashtra gain access to an extensive range of skill development courses and resources offered through the Infosys springboard Portal. These courses are designed to enhance students' employability by equipping them with industry-relevant skills and competencies. By collaborating with Infosys, Maharashtra ensures that students are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the professional world.
2. Additionally, Maharashtra has joined forces with NASSCOM, the premier trade body for the IT and IT-enabled services industry in India. Through NASSCOM's Prime Portal, students in the state have access to a diverse set of skill development programs and vocational courses. These initiatives are specifically designed to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving job market, ensuring that students possess the necessary skills and competencies to excel in their chosen careers.

2.   Collaboration with British Council

Internationalization of Higher Education
Maharashtra believes in the importance of fostering international collaborations and partnerships to promote the internationalization of higher education. In pursuit of this objective, the state government has joined hands with esteemed institutions and organizations, including the British Council. Through this collaboration, Maharashtra aims to facilitate academic exchanges, joint research projects, cultural exchange programs, and various other initiatives that enrich the global exposure and international perspective of both students and faculty members. The Department of Higher and Technical Education, Maharashtra, in partnership with the British Council, is working towards the internationalization of higher education in the state. This collaboration seeks to enhance the curriculum, provide faculty training and leadership development, support student mobility, and improve students' skills. By strengthening educational and cultural exchanges, this partnership will contribute to the state's aspirations for knowledge and economic development. The Department is dedicated to working closely with the British Council to bolster Maharashtra's higher education ecosystem. Our focus is on capacity building, leadership development, and faculty training, all aimed at supporting the internationalization agenda. Through a combination of face-to-face and virtual workshops, training sessions, mentoring programs, and knowledge exchange activities, we aim to create a thriving environment for international engagement and growth. Join us in our journey to empower students with essential skills and prepare them for a globally competitive future. Together, we can shape a brighter tomorrow through quality education and meaningful collaborations.

3.   Collaboration with UNICEF

Climate Action
The Higher and Technical Education Department of the Government of Maharashtra has partnered with UNICEF Mumbai to promote and encourage climate empowerment and action. This partnership will cover 3000 colleges and 2 million youths from 13 districts of Maharashtra. The three-year partnership is based on the recommendations of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, National Achievement Survey (NAS) 2021, National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) 2022 to promote localized youth action for climate empowerment, which can be further amplified in the community. The partnership will also include green skilling, entrepreneurship, and activities under green clubs, and seven low touch water conservation practices by youth leading to savings of 43 million cubic liters of water and energy audits in colleges over the next three years. As part of the experiential learning process, with technical support from UNICEF Mumbai, we have developed a self-paced, online course on Climate and Environmental sustainability for the youth of Maharashtra aged between 15-29 years. The course will be hosted on an LMS platform, will be bilingual in nature (English and Marathi), and will include five units covering climate change, water, energy and air pollution, biodiversity, solid waste, and circular economy, and will be provided free of cost. In the future, this course will be converted into a credited course.

4.   Collaboration with MoneyBee Institute

Higher and Technical Education Department, Moneybee Institute, and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) have collaborated for conducting programs aimed at financial literacy, securities market awareness, and cybercrime awareness. This joint initiative aims to benefit students, teaching/non-teaching staff of colleges, academic institutions/universities, and other participants across the State of Maharashtra. Through this collaboration, the Higher and Technical Education Department, Moneybee Institute, and NSE are committed to empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for financial literacy. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of personal finance management, budgeting, savings, and investment strategies, enabling them to make informed decisions about their financial well-being. Moreover, the collaboration with NSE will facilitate educational sessions on various topics such as stock markets, mutual funds, and other investment instruments. Participants will receive insights into the functioning of financial markets, investment strategies, and the potential benefits of long-term investing. By equipping participants with this knowledge, we aim to promote a culture of responsible investing and wealth creation.

5.   Collaboration with IIT Bombay

The Higher and Technical Education Department have collaborated with IIT Bombay for the UDAAN Project. This project will take sevices of AI-based translation tool called UDAAN, designed to translate English books into Marathi. The Government of Maharashtra officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IIT Bombay for the UDAAN project in the presence of honorable Governor and Minister of Higher & Technical Education, attended by Director of IIT Bombay, Professor from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in leveraging technology to bridge language barriers and enhance access to knowledge and educational resources. Together, the Higher and Technical Education Department and IIT Bombay are dedicated to fostering innovation and expanding opportunities for students and educators across Maharashtra