Capacity Building

1.   Capacity Building of Officials

Maharashtra recognizes the significance of capacity building in effectively implementing the NEP. The state government has initiated comprehensive training programs and workshops to enhance the skills and knowledge of educational officials. State organized a virtual interaction to facilitate in dept discussion and collaboration with UGC Chairperson & NCVET Chairman with Vice Chancellors of State Public Non-Agriculture Universities. These capacity-building initiatives aim to equip officials with the latest developments in education, orientation, approaches, technological advancements, and administrative strategies. By investing in the professional development of officials, Maharashtra ensures that they are well-equipped to support educational institutions and effectively implement the transformative reforms outlined in the NEP 2020.

2.   MSFDA (Maharashtra State Faculty Development Academy)

It plays a vital role in building the capacity of educational officials involved in the implementation of NEP. MSFDA offers comprehensive training programs, workshops, and professional development initiatives to enhance the skills and knowledge of officials. These capacity-building efforts equip officials with the necessary expertise to effectively support and guide HEIs in implementing the transformative reforms outlined in the NEP 2020.